Friday, November 25, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin!

I watched the Tintin movie in 3D yesterday. The 3D effects were undoubtedly amazing. However, the movie was little boring with not much fun as I had expected. Snowy played an important and funny role in the movie and you can say that it was the center of the movie. Haddock looked totally lost and hallucinated while mouthing his dialogs. Well, his character might have spun like this. At last he did prove that he was a true Haddock when he discovered the treasure with the help of Tintin and snowy. The two cops Thomas and Thomas too contributed their puns and made me laugh at times. Wait, we did not talk about the villainous part of the movie, I mean villain who did make the hero Tintin struggle for everything and gave real headache to Haddock . At last, it was a one time watch (OTW) movie. So watch on your Risk!!