Friday, November 25, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin!

I watched the Tintin movie in 3D yesterday. The 3D effects were undoubtedly amazing. However, the movie was little boring with not much fun as I had expected. Snowy played an important and funny role in the movie and you can say that it was the center of the movie. Haddock looked totally lost and hallucinated while mouthing his dialogs. Well, his character might have spun like this. At last he did prove that he was a true Haddock when he discovered the treasure with the help of Tintin and snowy. The two cops Thomas and Thomas too contributed their puns and made me laugh at times. Wait, we did not talk about the villainous part of the movie, I mean villain who did make the hero Tintin struggle for everything and gave real headache to Haddock . At last, it was a one time watch (OTW) movie. So watch on your Risk!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scam ke Positive Effects!

I being an ordinary Indian have somewhat little interest in politics. Reason being, I am a positive person by heart and the politics gives me all the negative reasons not to believe in it. It may not be politics exactly but the politicians who have been looting the country and stuffing their Swiss bank account with piles of money that could have otherwise been used for the welfare of the Indian society. Adding to the plight, these politicians are always let scot free in the absence of evidence that our law system is totally dependent upon.
What would you say that our judiciary system is totally lame? Well, we won't discuss it here (may be in the next post).

Today, I am going to tell you the positive effects of a scam to the scammer. Seriously, there aren't any side effects of scamming, but only the positive effects that the scammer is left with. The first and foremost effect is the money. A scammer can immediately make millions or billions of money within some time and can use it to survive for years and have its 7 generations fed on it. Take the example of Suresh Kalmadi who tanked some thousand crores out of rs. 70,000 crores spent on the Commonwealth games 2010. The money is locked into his Swiss bank account and will be eventually used by him and the family. Who cares weather this money can ever be unlocked and used for the welfare of the poor? Who cares if Mr. Kalmadi ever plead guilty and be sent to jail for a few years? No one as the public will just be happy in case he is found guilty and sent behind the bars.

Another positive effect is the popularity. It means that you can become a media favorite overnight. Every  national/international channel, newspaper, magazine etc. will talk about you as if you are Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jackson or Don Bradman who have broken all the records in their respective fields. Did you notice how easy it is to become a big shot overnight. So much name, fame, and money is there in doing a scam.

Even if you are jailed for your sins, you can easily come out of it using your health as a weapon. Don't believe me? You will have to believe once you see the  list of the corrupted politicians who always eat all the healthy and nutritious food found on the planet earth and still they fall ill or become victim to diseases like cardiac arrest or heart failure when grounded on the charges of corruption. Take example of the Samajwadi party leader, Amar Singh, the latest addition to this list. Sonia Gandhi, who just returned to India after her bypass (I don't know if it exactly was bypass) surgery, will address her party woes someday.
That's all for the day guys. I'll appreciate your comments or suggestions that would add to the beauty of this blog. Send in your suggestions on what else can be the positive effect of scams.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MTV Celebrates 30th Anniversary

MTV, an acronym for Music TV, grew 30 years old yesterday. It certainly has been the most glorious history (until date) for MTV, which put its first step into the music industry on 1st August 1981. It was the time when Sandra Day O’Connor swept the honor of becoming the first female jurist of the U.S. Supreme Court. Sandra retired from Associate Justice's designation in the year 2006, exactly 5 year ago from now. I don't know if Ms. Justice ever watched MTV for the sake of music or not. It was certainly the time before CD players, Mac computers went on sale and Internet came into existence in the US.

You cannot imagine how glorious it might have been for the people who associated with MTV for so long  or some time. Martha Quinn, one among the then 5 VJs of MTV, can certainly feel this. The other four were J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, and Alan Hunter. Are we forgetting something?. No, but yes someone. Trevor Horn, the famous singer who sung the famous 'Video killed the radio star' song. This was the first song played on MTV and that too for about a year. Sounds too good! Isn't it? Yes, it does. Mr. Horn, who is 62 year old now, must be remembering the days when he quickly shot to fame after singing the song. Good Old Days..We can expect more such wonderful times from our own MTV.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Go Active for Improved Decision Making

Yes, you heard it right! An active lifestyle can just help you take your decisions in an improving manner. A recent study conducted at Wichita State University in the US concludes that the auditory system in humans has a direct relation with their decision-making ability. Dr. Ray Hull, an audiologist at Wichita and who also led the study, describes that humans tend to comprehend and implement what they hear. According to Dr. Hull, if a person in his late 80s and early 90s do some cardiovascular exercises, then it will improve his hearing (auditory) ability and consequently speed up his ability to think and implement things. Dr. Hull said "One of the reasons the processing of what people hear tends to decline with advancing age is that they become less and less active as they get older,"

Adult children often wonder: "Why can’t dad seem to understand what we’re saying to him or make decisions about what we tell him anymore?" Dr. Hull said "the answer to that question may not be that dad is hard of hearing, but it may be his inability to comprehend or process what he hears, which may be due to lethargic lifestyle". 

So, guys what do you think? Isn't it a good idea to pull up socks, do some stretches, and dive into the pool of happiness. Of course the ability to hear more and comprehend more will bring happiness in your life..Let me know what do you think about this.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Am i a true indian: Is Sachin the Greatest Player in the HIsotry?

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Friday, June 3, 2011

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