Friday, June 3, 2011

Rama Rama: Naya Ramdev Drama

It is really good rather outstanding that Baba Ramdev has called for a hunger strike in Delhi's Ramlila ground in an effort to bring the black  money back to India and declare it as a national property. Our very own national hero, Mr. Anna Hazare, is also going to join him in his fast unto death agitation.
Baba Ramdev has also demanded that a Public Service Delivery Act should be put into force so as to book all the tax evaders and black-money stashers. The baba also sought timely action for all the culprits and the establishment of special courts to handle the corruption exclusively.

I am sure Sonia Gandhi-led UPA government must have jumped out of its cozy seat and have started looking ways to stop Baba Ramdev from doing so. Let's see what happens next. But one thing is sure that the show must go on...........

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