Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cell Phones: Call for Cancer

Cell phones are cancerous! Don't believe me? Read on to know. WHO (World Heath Organization) in its report, released yesterday, grounded cell phones on the charge of causing cancer. The organization added mobile phones into the "carcinogenic hazard"category that enlists lead, pesticide DDT, chloroform, and engine exhaust among other lethal things. A panel of 31 scientists from 14 nations including America conducted comprehensive studies on different people.

WHO reported that women and children are especially vulnerable to the danger due to the fact that their scalps and sculls are thinner than males and adults. If they use cell phones frequently, the impact of radiation would be higher on them. Until the release of yesterday's report, WHO had always maintained that cell phones were safe to use. Guys, it's an alarming situation as there are already billions of cell phone users out there in the world, the strength is already rising especially among children and adults.

Be aware, Keep yourself safe!


  1. Go Green and start using the Kabootar Ja Ja Technology.. to get ride of any such vulnerability's ...

  2. Well, it's a wake up call for cell phone companies to start doing something for their customers, while the public at large should prudently use this indispensable device.