Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MTV Celebrates 30th Anniversary

MTV, an acronym for Music TV, grew 30 years old yesterday. It certainly has been the most glorious history (until date) for MTV, which put its first step into the music industry on 1st August 1981. It was the time when Sandra Day O’Connor swept the honor of becoming the first female jurist of the U.S. Supreme Court. Sandra retired from Associate Justice's designation in the year 2006, exactly 5 year ago from now. I don't know if Ms. Justice ever watched MTV for the sake of music or not. It was certainly the time before CD players, Mac computers went on sale and Internet came into existence in the US.

You cannot imagine how glorious it might have been for the people who associated with MTV for so long  or some time. Martha Quinn, one among the then 5 VJs of MTV, can certainly feel this. The other four were J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, and Alan Hunter. Are we forgetting something?. No, but yes someone. Trevor Horn, the famous singer who sung the famous 'Video killed the radio star' song. This was the first song played on MTV and that too for about a year. Sounds too good! Isn't it? Yes, it does. Mr. Horn, who is 62 year old now, must be remembering the days when he quickly shot to fame after singing the song. Good Old Days..We can expect more such wonderful times from our own MTV.

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