Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mac Malware Tightens Grip on Mac Users

“Mac Mac not again, malware wants to run again”. I am sure this is how Mac users have been praying since the eruption of Mac malware. It has so far affected around or over 60,000 Mac owners (reported by Ed Bott on http://www.zdnet.com/), and is still continuing the dirty game of infection. 

Mac malware has begun to tighten the noose around Mac users’ neck by spreading itself leaps and bounds on their machines. Remember the first and foremost infamous message that appeared on Mac screens “I am a Trojan Horse, so i have infected your Mac Computer. I know, most people think Macs can't be Infected, but look, you ARE infected! I have full controll over your Computer and i can do everything I want, and you can do nothing to prevent it. So, Im a very new Virus, under Development, so there will be much more functions when im finished”.

It wasn’t a hoax as some Mac owners/users for that matter have experienced it and had to reboot their computer in order to get rid of this message. The latest Mac malware version, also called as MacDefender, is much worse than the initial one. MacDefender redirects the users to fake and adult websites instead of the legitimate websites. These fake websites make users believe that their PCs are infected and they need to download and install a security program (which is actually a virus infection itself) from them in order to remove the virus/malware and save critical data.

It wasn’t a long ago when Windows PCs used to be considered far more vulnerable to virus attacks than Macs that have been running on popular ‘I am Mac, I am a PC’ ad campaign. Though, Mac PCs have never been immune to virus infections other than the fact that we rarely heard of any such incident on Mac machines and these were targeted least by the malware writers or hackers.

Apple may discontinue the famous, long-running ad in the pursuit of Mac malware that since its outbreak has been on its destructive way to ruin users’ experience with Mac PCs. Stories or no stories, but it is the high time for Mac users who do not or by any means want to be chiseled by MacDefender, MacSecurity, and/or MacProtector for that matter.

Good to hear that at least Apple has woken up and decided to do what should have been done before when Mac malware first made its appearance. We all know that malware writers are not idiots, infect, they are much more advanced than the users and the companies. They only have one motive and that is to make money by spreading malware infections, believe me this is the easiest of all the money-making methods. Cyber crime has been on consistent rise since a very long time and has grappled people badly in its claws. Not just Apple, Microsoft, ever users have to be self-aware about the risks of downloading or accessing something that is fraud/unrealistic and self-starter to put on the security programs on their machines.  

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